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Tooth Implant

Tooth implant What is a tooth implant?

A tooth implant is a synthetic tooth root that is used to hold a false tooth in place. There are two types of tooth implants, endosteal and subperiosteal. Endosteal tooth implants are the type that is most commonly used. Endosteal tooth implants are placed inside of the jawbone. Subperiosteal tooth implants are placed on the top of the jaw. These types of implants are usually reserved for patients who cannot wear traditional dentures.

Who is considered a good candidate for tooth implants?

Most people who have lost teeth due to an injury or illness will be considered a good candidate for tooth implants. Additionally, candidates should not have any major health issues.

What are some of the potential complications of tooth implant surgery?

The success rate for tooth implant surgery is over 90 percent. However, it is important to note that tooth implant surgery has its risk just like any other type of surgery. Infection around the surgery site, blood vessel damage, bleeding and sinus problems are some of the most commonly reported side effects. A small percentage of patients may be required to have a second surgery in order to correct the complications.

What are some of the benefits of tooth implants?

There are a number of benefits that can be reaped from getting tooth implants. Tooth implants look and feel real, so most people will not be able to tell that a person has replacement teeth. Tooth implants can also help save existing teeth.

Losing teeth can cause people to suffer from low-self esteem. Tooth implants can help restore a person’s confidence. Most importantly, tooth implants can make it easier for people to speak and eat.

How much do tooth implants cost?

A single tooth implant can cost anywhere from $650 to $800. However, there are a number of factors that can affect the total cost of this procedure. Most cosmetic dental practices accept insurance plans, and that can also offset the cost. People can get the best deal on tooth implants by shopping around and comparing the price of several cosmetic dentists.

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