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Dental implants

Dental implants Aims to deploy in the mandible and maxilla, aloplásticos materials intended to support prosthetics unit, partial or full dentures and removable

Around the titanium occurs the osseous integration that is characterized by the formation of bone tissue that will incorporate this material to the body. And, it is extremely important that the bone remain preserved even as the dental implant is subjected to the masticatory forces.

Osseous integration is the inability of our organism to detect titanium intraosseous; due to its characteristics bio-inertes (when exposed to air, the surface of titanium oxide turns into it), not the formation of fibrous tissue around the implant, thus allowing the bone growth around the same, being in close contact and bone implant.

The discoverer of osseous integration was the Swedish physician Per-Ingvar Brånemark; When inserting titanium Chambers in fibula rabbits in his experiments, reported some difficulty in removing them, study them noticed the intimacy between bone and titanium. Today Bränemark resides in Brazil, more precisely in Bauru where has a research center in implantology.

Since 1960 there were various types of implants; but implants bone-integrated root were the most successful with success rates around 95% in 5 years.

With implants are made from large ETA unit rehabilitations rehabilitations totals fixed or removable.

Between 3 and 6 months after the installation of titanium implant can be initiated the prosthesis. A newer process proposes the quick installation of teeth, immediate load call.
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