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Tooth implant cost

Tooth implant cost Dental implants are emerging as the new leading standard for replacing the loss of teeth because of too much damage from cavities or even the loss due to trauma. Although dental implants are expensive and dental plans will not cover this procedure, which is considered cosmetic, there are different methods available for the payment of the implants. Another factor to consider when choosing to have implants done is the location and whom you choose to do the work for you.

The average cost of one implant ranges from $1250 to $3000. The implant procedures can replace one or several teeth missing to complete full mouth reconstruction with fixed dentures. The All on Four procedure will run around $25,000 for each arch or $50,000 for upper and lower fixed dentures. Although this is expensive, anyone who has had partials or dentures can appreciate the difference.

Some of the costs associated with dental implants are consultation fees, CT scans, x-rays and dental fees. The cost will be affected by the amount of work that must be performed to prepare the gums and installing the implants. In addition, any aftercare work will affect the price. Other factors that can influence the cost of dental implants would be specific treatments, depending on each situation. They can include extractions, bone grafts, alveoplasty (surgical procedure to smooth the jawbone) and IV sedation.

Depending on the dentist that is chosen, many will offer financing through finance companies or even offer a monthly payment plan through their office. Other options include taking out a personal loan or even saving up the money first. The cost of dental implants is usually more expensive in larger cities and the type of dentist chosen to do the work. Having the work performed at a dental college can sometimes save up to 50% of the regular price. Although students do the work, the dental instructors who oversee all the work being performed are highly trained in their field.

The advantages of having dental implants are the natural feel of real teeth. Dentures fill the mouth with a plastic base covering the roof of the mouth and hold the individual teeth in it. This causes difficulties in eating food and even well fitting dentures will allow food to be trapped underneath the dentures, causing pain from just the smallest piece of food. Dental implants make eating food more enjoyable once again.
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